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What attendees say about the Conference

News published on: April 12, 2019

Check out what some of the attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors have to say about their experience at the BIO Latin America Conference!


“I think it’s been a tremendous conference, it’s a great place to have industry, government, biotechs, the privates and publics that have all come together to talk about the latest innovation in biotechnology and the future of medicine and healthcare, so it’s a very exciting conference.” Om Arora, Pfizer.


Well, I think it’s a great event. Very pleased with the people that it’s gathered, the quality of the presenters and the quality of the audience.” Evelyne Rodríguez, Proméxico.


“The BIO event is always an excellent opportunity to interact with other people, startups and other companies, and also to hear great presentations regarding new technologies and regulatory framework … So you have a fantastic event.” Filipe Teixeira, Syngenta. 


“And I see that BIO Latin (America) plays a very important role in the context not only of Brazil, which is also extremely important for Brazil, but for Latin America as a whole, in terms of trying to work on innovation integration, science and technology, to bring products to market, and preferably products that are of lower value for the population to be served.” Rodrigo Correa, Fiocruz.

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