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Among the many marketing strategies that a company can use for promotion, sponsorship is one of the few that has the potential for huge payoffs.

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Our 2018 Journey

Here is an overview of our 2018 numbers, to show how far your brand can reach:

  • 50,000+ people reached with the sending of 20+ emails marketing;
  • 61,000+ reaches of the 140+ posts made on our social media;
  • 212 publications/posts made by supporters, partners and the press;
  • 710 BIO One-on-One Partnering Meetings;
  • 621 attendees coming from 21 countries;
  • 325 companies from the life science market; and more!

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What kind of visibility are you looking for at the BIO Latin America Conference ?

There are several sponsorship benefits available, ranging from brand visibility to speaking opportunities, as you can see below:

Our sponsorship team will help you create a customized sponsorship package that best suits your company’s needs and is guaranteed to get you noticed.