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Renato Kfouri, Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist and Director, Brazilian Society Immunization

Dr. Renato Kfouri MD
Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist

Dr. Kfouri is a Member of the Permanent Advisory Board on Immunization Practices for the Ministry of Health in Brazil and also Medical Director of Santa Joana Immunization Center, a large immunization clinic in São Paulo – a position he has held since their foundation in 1997.

He is current the Director of Brazilian Society Immunization, and is the chairman of the Department of Immunisation for the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics and also is a member of the Committee of Pediatric Infectious Diseases of São Paulo Pediatric Society.

He is also a member of Sociedad Latinoamericana de Infectólogia Pediatrica, and member the European Society of Pediatric Infectious Diseases.

He has been working with immunization for 25 years with long experience in public and private institutes.

Dr. Kfouri has spoken to a number of national and international conferences and workshops, and has contributed with papers and book chapters, on the subject of immunization.