Nádia Parachin, R&D Director at Integra Bioprocessos e Análises / Professor at UnB

Nádia S. Parachin – Is a Biologist with a Ph.D. in Chemical engineering by Lund University Sweden. Nowadays, she is a professor at Universidade de Brasília where she teaches bioprocess for the Biotechnology and chemical engineering bachelor students. Her research consists of developing Taylor-made microorganisms for the production of high added value chemicals where she uses her expertise in metabolic engineering and bioprocess technology. Nadia is also the co-founder of Integra, a startup Company that combines innovation with sustainability for the development of biotechnological processes. One of the processes developed by Nádia uses crude glycerol, the main coproduct in the biodiesel industry for the production of Poli(lactic acid), a bioplastic using a genetically engineered yeast which was awarded this year the Brazillian Bioeconomy prize in the startup category.