John Murphy, Global VP R&D, Gene Therapy, Pfizer

Dr. Murphy is a molecular biologist by training, having done a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics at Columbia University in New York, Following his PhD work, Dr. Murphy was a Damon Runyon Fellow at UCSF where he studied oncogenic transformation. His first position was in gene therapy at Chiron Corporation where he worked on retroviral, AAV and non-viral gene delivery technologies. Dr. Murphy subsequently moved to Bayer where he started working on Factor VIII and ultimately was responsible for the hematology portfolio from concept to candidate selection. Dr. Murphy moved to Pfizer to have the opportunity to lead projects through clinical Proof of Concept. In this role he has led a number of development teams and also played a key role in the Hemophilia B gene therapy collaboration with Spark. More recently, Dr. Murphy has taken on a broader role, overseeing all of Pfizer’s Rare Disease early discovery efforts.