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Grega Kumer, Head of Government Relations, IFPMA

Grega Kumer joined IFPMA in September 2016. Grega is responsible for outreach to relevant multilateral organisations and engagement with governments with focus on IP & health. In addition, Grega leads industry work on biodiversity, which includes representing industry at key CBD and Nagoya Protocol meetings, as well as coordinating and preparing joint industry positions on issues related to access and benefit sharing.
Grega also serves as the liaison between IFPMA and its Associations. Since 2009 Grega has been engaged in multilateral negotiations. Before joining the IFPMA he represented the interests of UK government on Intellectual Property related topics across Geneva based multilateral organizations. He also served as the Vice-Chairman of the WIPO Advisory Enforcement Committee. Prior to that he was the legal adviser to a start-up company, with focus on patent protection. Grega has legal background and holds a Master’s degree in the European Union Law.