Filipe Teixeira, Legal Director, Syngenta

Filipe Teixeira is a lawyer, postgraduate in Intellectual Property and in Law and Economics applied to Business, with more than 15 years of experience in the legal area related to agriculture and intellectual property. Currently as Legal Director of Syngenta Filipe is responsible for legal aspects of Intellectual Property, Assets and Sustainability for America Latina. Filipe was hired by Syngenta in 2013 after working for 11 years at Embrapa, where he was responsible for business, intellectual property and regulatory aspects (CBD / ABS and Biosafety). Teixeira has represented the industry as a member in several national and international associations, inter alias, the Brazilian Seeds Association-ABRASEM (in which he is a director), the International Seed Federation-ISF; Crop Life International-CLI, the Brazilian Association of Plant Breeders-BRASPOV; the Association of Biotechnology Companies in Agriculture and Agroindustry-AgroBio.