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Dirceu Barbano, Director, B2CD Consultoria Empresarial

My background on regulation of medicines and other technologies is linked with my six years of experience as Director and Director Chairman of the National Regulatory Authority of Brazil, ANVISA. As the Head of the organization I was responsible to conduce the regulatory issues of medicines, medical devices and other types of health products. Furthermore the institutional management was under my coordination, including budgetary and financial management. During my mandate, we had given priority to the international cooperation, when was created the International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities – ICMRA, the International Medical Devices Regulatory Forum – IMDRF. Was created also the Forum of Medicines Regulatory Authorities from Portuguese Language Countries – FARMED. I was the Chairman of the Committee of Higher Studies of the FARMED for two years.

We, also, organized in Brazil the VI Pan American Conference on Drug Regulatory Harmonization, in 2011, the 7th Summit of Heads of Medicines Regulatory Agencies in 2013 and the 16th International Conference of Drug Regulatory Authorities – ICDRA in the 2014, the last in partner with WHO in Rio de Janeiro, where were more then 120 countries.

After the end of my mandate in ANVISA I’ve been working at the European Medicines Agency – EMA, as a Visiting Expert within the Program they have at the Agency, between January and March, 2015.

Before that I was Director of Pharmaceutical Assistance in the Ministry Of Health, when was the coordinator of the National Policy of Medicines. I was, also, Secretary of Health at São Carlos Municipality. I had experiences in the management of hospitals and as teacher at College of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the Catholic University of Campinas.

I have Bachelor degree in Pharmaceutical Science, with specialization in Biopharmacognosy. Currently taking a Master degree in Sciences in Polytechnical School of the University of São Paulo, Brazil.