Dámaso Pardo, President, INPI (Argentina)

Dámaso obtained a Law degree from the Argentine Catholic University (UCA, 1985) and earned a Master’s degree in Intellectual Property from the University of New Hampshire (formerly Franklin Pierce Law Center) in 1990. He was a consultant with WIPO in Geneva, Switzerland, for a Mercosur project, during 1993-1994. He is a member of the Buenos Aires Bar Association.

He was the former President of IBEPI (Programa Iberoamericano de Propiedad Industrial), a regional program aimed at promoting the strategic use of IP as a key aspect for economic development.

He was the Former President of the America´s section of the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA). He also served a two-year term on the board of directors of the Argentine Association of Industrial Property Agents (AAAPI) and was head of different INTA and MARQUES committees.

He teaches international aspects of IP law in the Master of IP and Innovation, administered by WIPO and San Andrés University in Buenos Aires.