Alexandre Alonso, Deputy Head of Technology Transfer, Embrapa Agroenergy

Alexandre Alonso holds a bachelor’s degree in Agronomy from Universidade Federal de Lavras – UFLA, and a PhD in Genetics and Breeding from Universidade Federal de Viçosa – UFV, while also holding an MBA in Business Management from Universidade de São Paulo – USP. He currently leads the Innovation and Business teams at Embrapa’s National Agroenergy Research Center (Embrapa Agroenergia) acting as its Head of Technology Transfer and also as its Deputy General Director. He is also the Planning and Business Coordinator of the Renewable Biochemistry Embrapii Development Unit held at Agroenergia. He previously served as Deputy Head of Research and Development of Embrapa Agroenergia. Having produced numerous scientific papers over the last years, mainly in the areas of genetics, genomics and perennial species breeding, Alexandre has been also actively participating as a speaker at events in Brazil and abroad.