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14:30 - 16:00

Startup Stadium + Demoday BioStartup Academy

Startup Stadium: pre-selected startups will compete against each other, introducing themselves to the
public and a pool of experts who will evaluate their innovation and business model.

  • Bioptamers
  • Isla Pharmaceuticals (winner)
  • Mirscience Therapeutics
  • Núcleo Vitro
  • TNS

Demoday: BioStartup Academy is a training program, powered by Biominas and sponsored by BIO. The
Demoday of the “BioStartup Academy” will be the closing activity of one round of the program, when the
top startups will have a chance to exhibit their solutions to the audience and present their pitch on the
Conference main stage.

  • GoGenetic
  • Chimera Diagnósticos
  • BiotechnoScience
  • UAiSolutions
  • Ylive (winner)

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