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Program Preview for BIO Latin America 2019

News published on: July 4, 2019

Getting Started with BIO Latin America 2019! 

Here is an overview of the topics you will see on this years’ program:

Emerging Biotechnologies and their Potential to Cure and Transform Healthcare
We are at an inflection point in healthcare history. Through the power of genomics, diagnostics and biotechnology tools, healthcare of the future will be increasingly proactive, preventative, predictive, and personalized. This panel will explore the potential of biotech tools such as gene and cell therapies and genome editing and how innovation in this space can help support public health outcomes in Latin America.

Biotech Entrepreneurship: Learning from Global Success Cases
This session will bring successful entrepreneurs telling their stories and discussing key issues as team formation, investment processes, product development, biotech & healthcare trends and others.

Accessing Genetic Resources – Considerations for Biotech Sector Development
There is no doubt that there are tremendous opportunities to develop innovative technologies and products through the access of genetic resource in Latin America. Nevertheless, legal uncertain issues still create barriers to innovation and restrict access to resources and investments. The panel will present success cases, perspectives from different national policies as well as opportunities from researchers from public institutions and companies.

The Era of Personalized Medicine in Latin America. Where are we today?
Healthcare is becoming more and more personalized, with pharmas, hospitals, laboratories and health insurance companies looking for new ways to provide the right diagnostics and treatment to the right patients at the right time. This panel will discuss the status of Personalized Medicine in Latin America, recent advances, regulatory and operational challenges and perspectives for the near future.

Regulatory Perspectives for Biosimilar Development
Biosimilars represent an opportunity to address the affordability challenges on Access to Biologic Therapies, as long as demonstrated comparable efficacy and safety is preserved. However, regulatory and public health considerations for the public, biosimilar developers, and government regulators remain to be addressed. Issues such as naming, traceability, pharmacovigilance are still a concern; as well as other technical regulatory considerations as to the minimum clinical safety and efficacy data to support comparable quality of biosimilar candidates. These topics will be discussed from a multi-stakeholder perspective of patients, regulators, academics, and researchers.

How AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, …. are Already Impacting Healthcare in Latin America?
Information Technologies, as Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, machine learning and others are transforming all sectors of modern society, including commerce, education and healthcare. The initial wave hype has already created enormous expectations in Personalized Medicine. Panelists will discuss the current state of the field in Latin America and present examples of successful commercial applications, stemming from cutting-edge biomedical and material sciences research and development. Furthermore, panelists will discuss current strategies aimed at developing and deploying standards for healthcare-related technologies in the region.

Intellectual Property as a Driver for Economic Growth and Entrepreneurship
Small and medium sized enterprises that currently do not have products on the market and accordingly rely heavily on the strength and scope of their intellectual property to generate investments needed to commercialize their technologies. More and more, these SMEs as well as multinationals are looking abroad as they expand their R&D and commercialization efforts. The panel will explore best practices for SMEs in Latin America to monetize IP, partner and co-develop projects and insert themselves into the global innovative biotech ecosystem.

Global Trade for Biotechnology – A Driver for Growth of Sector in LatAm
The U.S. and Brazil—the two most prominent economies in the Americas—have long enjoyed a fruitful commercial relationship through trade and investment. The potential for a more strategic partnership is enormous and the two governments have committed to enhancing the trade relationship. This panel will explore the areas where the Latam and US governments can collaborate to increase trade and economic ties in the space of biotechnology, drawing on lessons from the region.

The Science of Cannabis for Healthcare Innovation
This session will take a Latin American perspective towards the strategic regulatory, technical and commercial knowledge to foster global collaborations in the nascent field of cannabis-based healthcare innovation.

Corporate Venture for Biotech and Healthcare: What could be expected for the near future?
Corporate Venture in Brazil and other Latin America countries seems to have start bombing with several initiatives, programs and investments. Selected companies will present their innovation strategies, goals, views and results from now and discuss trends and opportunities.

Synthetic Biology for the development of innovative bioproducts in Latin America
Advances in synthetic biology will help solve major global issues, such as food, health, environment, renewable chemicals, material sciences, and others. This panel will explore the unique business and scientific opportunities and Latin America for the development of these technologies and highlight their promise to the region and to the global community.

Lessons Learned in Accelerating Hard Sciences Startups in Latin America
The main references in Latin America will present and discuss lessons learned in accelerating hard sciences startups by now. Issues as team formation, infrastructure, investment, regulation, will be discussed in this very interactive session.

Life Sciences in Brazil – The Impacts of Technology and Regulation
Deloitte, the largest professional services organization in the world, Biominas Brasil and BIO have gathered to conduct a pioneering research, that aims to identify, from the leaders of companies in the health sciences sector, how the segment is positioning itself in the country in relation to technological evolution that impacts organizations, as well as a series of emerging regulatory issues. The report with this research’s results will be launched at the Conference.

Startup Stadium + Demoday BioStartup Academy
Startup Stadium: pre-selected startups will compete against each other, introducing themselves to the public and a pool of experts who will evaluate their innovation and business model.
Demoday: BioStartup Academy is a training program, powered by Biominas and sponsored by BIO. The Demoday of the “BioStartup Academy” will be the closing activity of one round of the program, when the top startups will have a chance to exhibit their solutions to the audience and present their pitch on the Conference main stage.


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