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Brazil innovates in biotechnology

News published on: July 23, 2018

Brazil is a highly entrepreneurial country. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Brasil, in 2016 for every 100 inhabitants 36 were entrepreneurs, a rate higher than many other countries Latin America and even some “developed” countries. This reflects in the biotechnology sector, as there are many startups being created with a focus on this area.

According to a mapping of the Brazilian Startup Association (ABStartups), there are over 4.2 million startups in Brazil, but it is still difficult to estimate how many are working with biotechnology.

To mitigate this lack of data, Biominas Brasil, Abiquifi and Apex-Brasil are working on mapping startups in Brazil that work with chemical and biological active pharmaceutical ingredients, medical equipment, digital health, human and animal pharmaceuticals, animal nutrition and biotechnology in general. This project will also map the main innovation clusters of the country in these areas; as well as the type of solutions being researched and the products already in the prototype stage.

A recent survey conducted by Biominas (2017), revealed the general profile of Brazilian biotechnology companies. Most of them (about 60%) are small-sized, with up to 10 employees, and young, under 10 years of age. Nearly 70% of the companies have already made some kind of international cooperation and all the interviewees showed interest in carrying out future cooperation activities.

Large companies are also seeking innovation through biotechnology projects. According to the Brazilian Innovation Survey (PINTEC), the number of innovative companies using biotechnology has grown 41.9% from 2011 to 2014, showing that there is still room for biotechnology to grow in the country

Furthermore, in the 2018 edition BioBr magazine, available on this link, prominent companies and organizations shared their views on the biotechnology scenario in Brazil and examples of their innovation activities. Some of the companies interviewed by Biominas for this magazine, as well as many other innovative companies in the biotechnology sector, will join us on September 4-5 in São Paulo for the BIO Latin America 2018. Check out the conference program and click here to register, enjoying all the opportunities that the event has to offer.