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Advances in biotechnology and genomic sequencing are enabling remarkable advances in healthcare and agriculture

News published on: April 4, 2019

A better understanding of a patient’s genetics and gene expressions in addition to other personal factors, such as lifestyle and environment, will help researchers better treat and prevent diseases from manifesting. The traditional approach has typically been to rely on clinical manifestations of diseases; however, given these advances a more personalized approach to healthcare is developing.

In similar ways, agricultural researchers are able to amass data related to a particular farm’s environment to enable highly targeted and prescriptive agriculture to enhance the productivity on a particular plot of land. Water, soil content, satellite imagery, and climate forecasts combined with detailed information of a particular crop’s genomics allow for a more precise agricultural solution to boost farmer’s productivity. Health and well-being of animals will also benefit greatly from these biotech advances where researchers are better able to harness the power of data from an animal’s genomics as well as their environments.

Personalized healthcare and precision agriculture will help improve quality of life around the world. Latin America is uniquely positioned to benefit from these technologies around the world in the human healthcare, animal health, and agricultural sectors. The 2019 BIO Latin America Conference will explore these concepts in the context of Latin America in greater detail and will highlight business opportunities for researchers and companies from around the world.

This year’s Conference theme will be “Innovation and Business Partnering as Drivers of the Bioeconomy in Latin America”, with discussions focused on solutions for challenges faced by the Latin American biotech and life sciences sector. The format and selective nature of the conference make this the premier dedicated life sciences partnering event in Latin America and an unrivaled opportunity to meet with the leading international players from the areas of human health, animal health, agbio and industrial in one place, at one time.

Make room for something new, share your knowledge and create new businesses opportunities at BIO Latin America 2019!


Author: Justin Pine, Director, International Affairs at BIO – Biotechnology Innovation Organization.